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Digitally Accurate Inc. (also operating as D.A. Consulting) is a leader in providing IT Solutions and Services to businesses in the Calgary and Edmonton region. We know that making IT related decisions for your company can sometimes be very confusing, especially without a 3rd party point of view that isn’t biased.

For the next few weeks, please feel free to post questions. These can be about looking at implementing new software suites and operating systems, integration amongst software, virtualization, Microsoft Small Business Server, Microsoft Essential Business Server, CRM, etc… The list goes on.


-I’m looking at implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and we currently use Microsoft Small Business Server 2003, can we integrate this software? What is required?

-We currently have 6 servers and we are looking at virtualizing, can we use the free version of virtualization software, or should we pay the money and get the paid-for version.

-We would like to implement a mobile push e-mail technology however we do not want to use BlackBerry’s, what are our other options?

You can post your questions in comments to this blog post ( , direct messages on twitter (@DAITSOLUTIONS), or through e-mail at

We will do our best to answer the questions, or at least point you in the right direction. We will be answering these questions on our blog at least once a week (usually on the weekend) so stay posted!

If you would like to protect your name and information, please e-mail the questions to and tell us what name you would like attached to the answer of your question. This way we can answer your question, but protect your name/company.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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