Configure Windows Mobile Push Technology on SBS 2008

I’ve noticed a lot of traffic coming in on the blog from people searching for and wanting to setup Windows Mobile push technology on their SBS 2008 servers. I thought I would whip up a quick document outlining the required configuration.

Please note:

-Never make your server directly accessible on the internet until you have secured it, ran Windows Updates, and made the decision you require it to be accessible.

-Configuring push technology may replace the current contacts, calendar items, other entries on your phone with those configured on your Exchange account on the server.

  1. Ensure that you have properly configured your SBS 2008 server. This includes port forwarding for port 443 (HTTPS, web services provided by IIS). These services need to be accessible externally on the internet for the devices to call home and retrieve information.
  2. Inside of the Windows SBS Console, make sure the users that require push technology have “Web sites” and “Outlook Web Access” enabled on their account properties.
  3. Install the domain self-signed certificate. This certificate is used to encrypt the traffic between the phone and the server. To get this certificate, open a web browser (from a computer on the SBS 2008 domain) and enter \sitespublicdownloads inside of the address bar and hit enter. Download the “Install Certificate” to a location on your computer. Extract this archive, and double click to run the “Install Certificate” program. Make sure your Windows Mobile device is connected to your computer. Select “Install this certificate on my mobile device”.
  4. On the Windows Mobile device, open the “ActiveSync” application, open the “Menu” menu, and select “Add Server Source”. Follow the directions, enter the external hostname which points to your router (which has port 443 forwarded to your server), enter your user information and complete the wizard. You can also configure this through your computer in the Windows Mobile Device center inside of Windows Vista or Windows 7.

After configuring Windows Mobile push, you may want to modify the push settings. You can configure the phone’s behavior in situations where it may be roaming, configure sync times, etc… This can all be done inside of the options configurable on ActiveSync on the phone.

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