Month: November 2009

Astaro Internet Security Gateway: Failed to get scanner instance.

Before you guys start messing with settings to fix this: As of today (November 30th, 2009) around 3:00PM MST, there is a known issue going on with the Astaro Security Gateway appliances. When users surfing the internet with Anti-Virus enabled,

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HP Virtualization Bundles – VMware

It’s nice that virtualization is catching on more and more these days. I remember back a few years ago where the words “virtualization” would make potential customers IT Managers cringe or make weird sounds on the phone then force a

Windows 7 brought life back to my HTC Shift (UMPC) and Acer One Netbook!

I want to tell you all about a little story involving a HTC Shift (UMPC), and an Acer One (Net book) I have. Some of you are very familiar with the HTC Shift. The Shift was a UMPC (Ultra Mobile

Upgrading your Lenovo Thinkpad to Windows 7? Make it simple with “System Update”!

So in my opinion Lenovo makes the best laptops and notebooks out there. For most of you Lenovo users though, your laptop shipped with either Windows XP, or Windows Vista… After a few months of very happy testing with Windows

Few cool video clips on HP and the Microsoft Essential Server platforms

Windows Small Business Server and HP Hardware Windows Essential Business Server and HP Hardware

VMware vSphere client now runs on Windows 7 (without modifications)

As many of you know, there has been an issue running the vSphere 4.0 client on Windows 7. During the past few months I’ve seen numerous hacks and patches to make it work on Windows 7 with mixed results. I