Upgrading your Lenovo Thinkpad to Windows 7? Make it simple with “System Update”!

So in my opinion Lenovo makes the best laptops and notebooks out there. For most of you Lenovo users though, your laptop shipped with either Windows XP, or Windows Vista…

After a few months of very happy testing with Windows 7 on my desktop, I finally decided to take the plunge and install it on my Lenovo X61.

Typically from what I have seen, Windows 7 usually comes with all the drivers included. This is handy, but most of the time if you can get updated Windows 7 drivers from your Vendor, this is the way to go to make sure you utilize the most out of the hardware.

Most of the time downloading drivers is a pain, however with Lenovo it’s not.

After installing Windows 7 on your Lenovo laptop, point your web browser over to http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/TVSU-UPDATE.html and download the “ThinkVantage System Update 4.0”. This piece of software will install all of the Lenovo Windows 7 drivers on your laptop, and will also install the various Lenovo software packages such as the fingerprint software, Access Connections, etc…

ThinkVantage System update made the process of upgrading my Lenovo X61 to Windows 7 an easy transition.

(PS. all the various software apps are no longer found in the Start menu, they have moved for the most part to the Control Panel)

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