Windows 7 brought life back to my HTC Shift (UMPC) and Acer One Netbook!

I want to tell you all about a little story involving a HTC Shift (UMPC), and an Acer One (Net book) I have.

Some of you are very familiar with the HTC Shift. The Shift was a UMPC (Ultra Mobile Personal Computer) from HTC that shipped with Windows Vista Business. But also as many of you know, the device didn’t have enough power to run Windows Vista. Unfortunately my HTC Shift became a very expensive paperweight as it performed so horribly I couldn’t even use it for Microsoft Outlook (my Exchange mailbox is 10+ GB, and eats computers CPUs for breakfast). As of today, the Shift has been discontinued but there is still a solid user base of the device (as can be seen at

In my possession I also have an Acer One netbook. I’m not familiar with what model it is (nor do I care) since I got it as an Aeroplan reward. I fell in love with the Acer One the first day I got it. It shipped with Microsoft Windows XP Home (which I replaced with Professional) and it ran great. The drivers were easy to deal with when re-installing Windows and the device was slick (for a computer of its size). It was perfect for Skype, web surfing, outlook, etc…

With all this crazy marketing that Microsoft is doing with Windows 7, and with the user base out there mentioning that Windows 7 performs amazingly on UMPCs and netbooks I decided to give it a shot tonight.

First I started off with my HTC Shift. I noticed that on the forums at XDA-Developers the process sounded painful and irritating, on top of that there was a bunch of info on the requirements to use Windows Vista drivers. This turned me off but at the same time it sounded like most of the users were attempting to use the Windows 7 beta and not the final release. I decided to give it a try since I’m actually using Windows 7 final release instead of the beta.

I used a USB DVD-Rom to install Windows 7 on the Shift. Booted the Windows 7 Professional CD without any problems, and installed fairly simple and fast. After dealing with the post-install wizard I was sitting in front of a fresh install of Windows 7. Unfortunately the Device manager was full of unrecognized drivers so I decided to start installing the Vista drivers as mentioned in the XDA-Developers forum. Fortunately it did clear up a few issues, but for the most part everything still didn’t work. After manually downloading the Intel Chipset drivers and Intel Graphics Drivers, everything started to work great. At this point the install was done and everything was configured. The first thing I noticed with Windows 7 on the shift was how incredibly fast it was.  I went ahead and loaded up all my favorite apps (iTunes, Skype, Eyebeam, Outlook, etc…) and it runs them all perfectly. I even got my Bluetooth headset out and tested some VoIP calls over Wi-Fi, and HSDPA. SHWEET!

As for the Acer one, things are a bit simpler. The hardware that the Acer uses is some of the most generic hardware you can find on the market right now (this means no driver battle). I decided to ahead and update my Acer to Windows 7. I used the same install process with a USB DVD-Rom. Install was simple, quick, and in no time I was running Windows 7. All drivers were installed. Installed my favorite apps, and I was good to go. My Acer has finally been upgraded from the dull look of XP to the newer look of Vista/7, and it works GREAT!

In Conclusion, after a bit of playing around both devices are running Windows 7 perfectly. Windows 7 has brought life back into my HTC Shift, and I guess you could say it made my Acer One a lot cooler, lol. This is just another reason to upgrade to Windows 7.

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6 comments on “Windows 7 brought life back to my HTC Shift (UMPC) and Acer One Netbook!
  1. T.C.Ma says:

    Are you able to install and run the control center and switch on/off wifi and bluetooth? Do you get the Blue Screen Of Death with the installation of the graphics drivers and then press the button to change the screen resolution?

    Grateful if you can share with me your experience. My wifi and bluetooth have been disabled since installing Win 7 on my Shift.

    • StephenW says:


      I noticed from other people’s forum posts that they were having problems getting the control panel to work. Apperently there is an order that you need to install everything to get the control panel to function properly.

      The order is as follows:
      a. VistaECDrv
      b. TouchScreen
      c. Realtek Audio Driver R197
      d. Marvell WiFi driver
      e. Vitakey _AC5023_Fingerprint AP
      f. Extension Kit USBLanDriver
      g. Shagctrl_1[1].2.6.122-control center
      h. Synaptics MicroPad

      Also, I DID have the problem where it was bluescreening. To get past this, you need to download the appropriate chip set and video drivers (for windows 7) from Intel’s website. Once you get these installed, the video will work fine.

      Let me know if this helps you out.

  2. T.C.Ma says:

    Dear Stephen,

    Million thanks for your comprehensive reply.

    Instead of installing everything from scratch, I tried upgrading the intell display driver with windows update and then reinstalling the control center.

    Guess what, it works! And the Blue Screen of Death no longer happens after using it for a couple of days. However, the control center is unable and cannot start after I am using it for one day. Any clue on what I can tried other than installing from scratch?

    If it is the chipset driver issue, please advise where I can find the correct drivers, they are not in the windows update, right?

    Thanks and regards,

  3. StephenW says:

    To be honest, I wouldn’t be able to tell you…

    I had issues with the control panel at first. I started uninstalling/re-installing the drivers…

    I’m pretty sure it had something todo with a special driver inside of the packages that HTC provides, however there was some goofy way of installing it to make it work.

    If you wan’t to try the chipset drivers, I beleive the chipset the device uses is intel. If you go to intel’s support website and download the correct chipset drivers (for windows 7) it might help things out.

  4. Wayne Stephens says:

    Can you give some more detail on the order of what to remove (vista etc) and what and how to load Win 7 and the drivers?
    Do you keep any of the vista drivers to run 7? Or do you start over with the drivers?

    I have 2 Shifts, mine and the wife’s. Would be nice to run Win 7.
    Wayne A Stephens

  5. StephenW says:

    Hi Wayne,

    When I installed Windows 7, I hooked up a USB external DVD-Rom to boot off of and install Windows 7.

    As for the drivers, it’s kind of picky. Tutorials on the internet say to load in this order:
    a. VistaECDrv
    b. TouchScreen
    c. Realtek Audio Driver R197
    d. Marvell WiFi driver
    e. Vitakey _AC5023_Fingerprint AP
    f. Extension Kit USBLanDriver
    g. Shagctrl_1[1].2.6.122-control center
    h. Synaptics MicroPad

    But the thing is, some of the drivers are out-dated. I only installed the Shift drivers that were specific to the Shift itself (ie. the customized drivers, control panel, etc…).

    As for the generic stuff (video card drivers, networking, etc…) I actually went to the chipset manufactorers website (for example, for chipset and video I downloaded from Intel), and installed those.

    Hope this helps.

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