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It’s nice that virtualization is catching on more and more these days. I remember back a few years ago where the words “virtualization” would make potential customers IT Managers cringe or make weird sounds on the phone then force a change of topic.

Now, when I mention that Digitally Accurate provides virtualization solutions, you almost hear a certain sense of happiness in their voice when they say “You do?!?!?”. To be honest I’ve made a few cold calls in the past couple months where I was about to write off the phone conversation then mentioning VMware saved it. Offering Virtualization solutions is almost a rite of passage now into “IT Manhood”…

With all this being said, I stumbled across this the other day.

“HP Virtualization Bundles” – http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/servers/virtualization/virtkit.html

As most of you know, HP has quite the partnership with VMware in their offerings of hardware and software. Numerous HP servers now have the branding of “VMware certified” to help make purchasing decisions easier, and numerous articles on the internet force the issue of how much better HP servers virtualize compared to their competitors.

HP has now even made this process easier by providing these bundles.

On the below PDF, HP puts together a few configurations of various Servers, Storage Solutions, and VMware software. It takes the fuss out of designing those smaller virtualization solutions and gives you a good starting point to designing the virtualization solution for your company!


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