Astaro Internet Security Gateway: Failed to get scanner instance.

Before you guys start messing with settings to fix this:

As of today (November 30th, 2009) around 3:00PM MST, there is a known issue going on with the Astaro Security Gateway appliances. When users surfing the internet with Anti-Virus enabled, the message show’s in the web browser of the viewing client:

Failed to get scanner instance.

This is associated with definitions version: 11178

Workaround: For now disable Anti-Virus scanning on HTTPS security, wait until an updated set of definitions are released. I just got off the phone with a rep from Astaro, they are getting hundreds of calls on the issue.

Update (4:16PM): I’ve just confirmed this is also affecting e-mail transmissions with some users. If your e-mail system is mission critical it might be an idea to disable anti-virus for e-mail scanning as well (To insure e-mail traffic). Please note this could be very dangerous!
Update RESOLVED (5:07PM): On Astaro support forums they mentioned a fix about 45 minutes ago. I’m just noticing now all my client’s Astaro boxes are downloading the new definitions and it looks like the issue is resolved!

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2 Comments on “Astaro Internet Security Gateway: Failed to get scanner instance.

  1. Im affected by this issue
    i disabled Antivirus scanning on all proxies profiles, but it is not the solutions.


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