Windows Mobile and port forwarding for Windows Small Business Server 2008

I’ve noticed a ton of traffic coming in during the last couple months consisting of a lot of people searching for the port forwarding requirements to be able to have their Windows Mobile phones use the Microsoft Exchange push technology that is incorporated in Windows Small Business Server 2008.

I thought I’d write up a quick blog and just detail what is required. It’s actually pretty straight forward considering it uses IIS to retrieve data.

On your router, you should have forwarded ports:
(and 80 if your not using SSL encryption, but it is a bad idea not to use SSL).

Other than this, you just need to make sure that your phone has installed a security certificate so it can verify the authenticity of the host it is connecting to. This can be exported easily out of any computer joined to the SBS domain. Simply go to the certificates inside of Internet Explorer, and look for the special root certificate that pertains to your server and/or domain. Export this sucker, import to device, configure Exchange account and your good to go!

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