Month: April 2010

Matthew Wagner completes his VSP4 and VTSP4 VMware training!

We are pleased to anounce that Matthew Wagner, who came on board with the company 3 months ago, has just completed his VSP4 and VTSP4 training! Digitally Accurate is a “VMware Solutions Provider” and now has 2 individuals both with

How Windows SBS 2008 can help when your workstations blow up…

Two features of Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 that has made my life easier, and my client’s life easier are Folder Redirection and Microsoft Exchange. Both features are included in the Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 package. Let’s recap what

Beginners guide to the Internet (Safe Surfing)

Time and time again whenever I am at a client’s office I always have clients ask me how to keep their home computer safe and secure on the internet. I’ve decided to put together a little “Beginners Guide to the

Redirected Folders: A key reason why Windows Small Business Server 2008 rocks!

Time and time again, we all have computers fail. Whether it is time to upgrade, hardware fails, or you simply switch locations and don’t have access to you old files anymore. Redirected Folders in Windows Small Business Server 2008 solves

IMPORTANT: Update your Java

Hello, Over the past few weeks, we at Digitally Accurate have been monitoring certain issues regarding security vulnerabilities in previous versions of Java.   These Vulnerabilities have been leading to security issues and in worst case scenarios have led to complete

New Blog! Moving all technical/tutorials to a new blog.

In the last few months I’ve been posting everything on here from generic IT business related articles down to the nitty grity technical related stuff. In an effort to keep things clean and make sure that proper individuals have access

SBS 2008 to SBS 2008 Migration

Back in February I was tasked with providing a migration from Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 to Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 (Premium Edition). The client was outgrowing their hardware and due to the fact that the hardware was coming