Redirected Folders: A key reason why Windows Small Business Server 2008 rocks!

Time and time again, we all have computers fail. Whether it is time to upgrade, hardware fails, or you simply switch locations and don’t have access to you old files anymore.

Redirected Folders in Windows Small Business Server 2008 solves this issue.

After configuring and implementing Windows SBS 2008, you can configure “Redirected Folders”. You have the option to sync your “Desktop”, “My Documents”, and “Start Menu”. In the event that your computer should fail, simply logging on to another computer on your network would instantly provide you access to all your important files and information (depending on the options selected above).

This means you don’t need to back up those files anymore and maintain numerous different backups. You can focus on one backup point (your server) and not worry about the rest. In any business environment, workstations should be governed by policies and configuration, you shouldn’t be wasting time (and money) maintaining and troubleshooting workstations.

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