Internet Connectivity Issue with Astaro – May 07 2010

I’m not to sure if this is an official problem however I noticed it thismorning on 4 different Astaro Security Gateways.

I think an update was issued last night for the Intrusion Protection System that causes the box to be unable to route packets and/or traffic from the internet to your local network. I’ve noticed that by disabling IPS it fixes this issue, as soon as you turn it back on the issue arises again.

I’m thinking that Astaro is probably aware of this issue and is working on a fix!

Stay posted for updates! (Please feel free to confirm this issue is widespread)

UPDATE – May 7 2010 (7:13AM):

After applying the temporary fix above, numerous e-mails started to come in. Since we are an Astaro partner, we received e-mail verification from Astaro that this is a KNOWN problem and fixes were created.

A fix was created around 3:30AM (MST), you should be able to resolve this issue by simply updating definitions from Astaro (you may need to disable IPS as mentioned above to regain access to the internet).

More information on this issue can be found at:

Temporary Fix:

1. Log on to Astaro web interface

2. Disable IPS

Final Fix to Resolve:

That is all!

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