Track sent messages easily with Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

Here is a pretty cool feature I just discovered using Microsoft Office Outlook 2010, along with Exchange Server 2010.

You send a message to someone, and you want to track it. Usually you have to contact your IT department to get information on tracking the message but now it’s EASY and any user can do it. In this example I sent an e-mail to a test account at a client’s site.


  1. Send the e-mail as normal. Create a new message, type in a recipient, tell them how much you enjoy their company and friendship and hit the send button.
  2. Go to your “Sent Items” folder and locate the e-mail Message. Double click the message to open it full screen.
  3. Click on “File” on the top left to open the menu.
  4. Click on “Message Delivery Report”.
  5. A Web browser should now open up taking you to your Exchange Server’s “Outlook Web App”. Enter credentials and select “Sign In”.
  6. After you log in, there will be a box showing you the transmission of the message and its voyage to the end of your corporate network (where it is handed off to another server). This is great to make sure that it is actually being sent off the server to someone else.

You can also use the “E-Mail This Report” button to send the report to someone (for example if you had a problem and wanted to notify the IT department, you’d send this along with a note explaining your problems).

Office 2010 Rocks!

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3 Comments on “Track sent messages easily with Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

  1. There’s a chance that either your Network Administrator has disabled it, or that you’re running an old version of Microsoft Exchange (this is the e-mail server that your company would be running).

    Or that you don’t have Microsoft Exchange at all…

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