Configure your iPhone or iPad to access your companies Microsoft Exchange Server!

Usually whenever we are at clients site, we often get questions thrown at us on a regular basis asking us what is possible, what’s not possible, etc…

One question however that doesn’t get asked often enough is “Can I configure my iPhone or iPad to connect to our Microsoft Exchange Server (or Microsoft Small Business Server)?”

Most people assume with Apple and Microsoft being such big competitors that compatibility would be lacking with either of the products.

Answer is YES you can configure your device to sync with your server! And I must add it works very well. Push technology makes sure you get all your new e-mails right as they come in (subject to internet access), your calendar will be available for editing, and you will have all your contacts synced!

Best part about this? If you lose your device you don’t have to worry about e-mails, contacts, or calendar items being lost since they are all live sync’ed!

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