Protect your corporate network, servers, and workstations from threats with the Astaro Security Gateway!

One of the biggest challenges of a company these days is the task of securing their internal infrastructure. On a daily basis users are receiving e-mails, surfing the internet, downloading files, and these are all very serious security threats.

Add the mix of all the services your servers provide, plus the accessibility of your servers on the internet (remote access, database, webhosting, e-mail hosting, etc…) and you have a very large security problem you have to deal with.

Of course, you have anti-virus software installed on your servers, computers, and devices, but sometimes the anti-virus can be too slow, or cannot pick up some of the threats. Also, in scenarios where the anti-virus software does pick up a threat, it has already spread to the rest of the network and is in an ever-lasting loop of infecting all the computers until your IT staff gets a handle on it which can be very time consuming and frusterating.

One of the best ways to deal with this security threat is implementing a firewall, and not just any firewall, but the Astaro Security Gateway.

The Astaro Security Gateway has numerous systems in place that filters incoming e-mails, downloads, even web surfing, so it can actually stop the malware and viruses from even entering your network!

Another pretty cool feature of the Astaro Security Gateway is its “Intrusion Prevention” system. This system can detect attacks against your network, and in the event of noticing one, can block it immediately. This stops problems from even happening!

The Astaro Security Gateway is an all-in-one security solution which can help protect you, your business, and all your important data!

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