Windows 7 – The verdict is in!

Well, I’m still noticing that a lot of businesses out there still haven’t made the plunge to Windows 7.

I’ve been a heavy Windows 7 user ever since Microsoft made it available to their partners. I’ve been running all kinds of applications on it, and using the 64-bit version with absolutely no complaints. The two HUGE main things I’d like to point out are:

  1. Performance – Windows 7 runs SLICK, and I mean really SLICK. I have it loaded on all my netbooks, and it’s actually brought back to life a few old devices that I stopped using due to performance issues. It run’s older programs better than XP did, now that is amazing!
  2. Interface – When you first start using Windows 7, it may be a bit confusing, especially if you are doing various things inside of the Control Panel, customization, etc… Once you do get used to it (and you will fast), you’ll notice the interface is way easier to use, in fact it can help you work faster! (My favorite part is hitting “Start” typing in “Word” and hitting enter, BAM Microsoft Office Word opens up!)

When Windows 7 was first starting to be pre-loaded on to HP workstations, I had a client that was interested in getting his mapping department setup with some very spec’d out, high-end, lots of ram, performance computing workstations. One of the things they were interested in was Windows 7 64-bit version.

The machines came in, I configured them, installed all the software (including some very old applications that were designed for Windows 2000), and got it all setup and working. After checking in within 1 week, they LOVED their new computers, the performance, and how easy/fast the systems were. After waiting a few weeks to see the issues that come up (which never did) I decided it was time to start recommending them to other clients for all general PC replacement.

It has now been almost 1 year and I have had no complaints in regards to Windows 7. Clients still comment on the interface and performance and how much they love it.

If you haven’t upgraded yet, what are you waiting for?

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