What Managed Services can do for you!

Some people expect and only want it; others think it’s a complete waste of money. We are talking about Managed Services!

Managed Services is an attempt to effectively and pro-actively manage a corporate IT infrastructure. These services often allow you to receive a better and a higher quality of services than if you were to employ your own IT staff, and also allow you to do it for cheaper. Without getting too technical this is the BEST benefit.

Often sometimes businesses are too small to have the requirement to employ their own IT Staff, I guess you could say they are at the 75% (as an example) of the requirements to need to employ a single IT staff person. Managed Services providers allow companies like these to have a fully supported infrastructure without the cost of employing one full time person.

Other companies, very large companies, often utilize Managed Services to replace IT departments, or outsource certain components of their IT environment, where it may actually be cheaper to outsource, instead of hiring staff directly.

Managed Service providers often have numerous partnerships with major companies that design, develop, and manufacture the products and systems (both software and hardware) that your company is probably using. These partnerships allow Managed Services providers to keep in better touch with these suppliers to make sure you utilize the software and/or hardware to its full potential. Also, the relationships allow Managed Services providers to better implement, support, and deal with environments better than a typical IT person. Managed Services providers often keep in regular touch with major vendors to make sure they are fully aware of the products limitations, capabilities, support requirements, known issues, etc…

When using a Managed Services provider you often receive the expertise of a person who is running and maintaining a similar, or like system at their other clients. This collaborative nature of maintaining multiple similar environments provides huge benefits. The experience, knowledge, and potential issues that can occur are often better known with Managed Service providers, rather than a single person who works on the same environment on a daily basis. The knowledge and accumulated expertise is gathered and processed at a higher rate with a Managed Services provider than a single IT person just because of the number of environments, and types of environments they deal with. And don’t forget the resources that your provider may have, at a lower cost than you employing someone full time you could actually receive and have access to the expertise and resources of multiple talented individuals!

Managed Services providers often provide monitoring and management. Using monitoring software, they can often resolve issues before the issue escalates into a bigger one that could cause problems and/or downtime for your company. Often resolving these issues immediately can save huge amounts of money instead of waiting for a serious failure. When it comes to Management, they often track all your licensing, manage patch management (keeping software up to date and blocking those nasty security holes), and often have more resources to effectively manage your environment.

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