Set your new Windows Phone 7 up for e-mail from Microsoft Exchange and/or Microsoft Small Business Server 2008

Well, the new Windows Phone 7 has arrived! And with it, comes a new generation of devices from Microsoft that STILL (thankfully) support Exchange Push to the phones. You die-hard Windows Mobile users know what I’m talking about!

A few new things have changed however. Due to the new limitations of not being able to access the filesystem, you have to find a new way to get your corporate certificate on the device.

This can be accomplished two ways.

1) You can setup one of your free e-mail accounts on your phone (such as Windows Live, Hotmail, or Gmail) and then e-mail yourself the certificate (tap to install).

2) You can upload your certifcate to a website, navigate to it on your phone, and install it that way.

After you have the certificate installed, configuration is the same as before, be sure to know your server address, username, password, and domain!

Have fun with your new phone… We are sure you will like it!

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