El Fresko Technologies launches next-generation archiving and data protection solution

Digitally Accurate Inc. as a proud partner (and reseller) of El Fresko Technologies, is happy to pass on the following press release:

March 9, 2011

El Fresko Technologies launches next-generation archiving and data protection solution

MagnaStor® FS Archiver creates a compelling managed service opportunity

El Fresko Technologies is pleased to unveil MagnaStor® FS Archiver, an archival storage solution that ensures the long-term preservation and integrity of digital information to protect organizations from corporate, legal and compliance risks. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, MagnaStor FS Archiver has a robust set of features, including WORM data capture and secure, real-time replication to the cloud. With automated migration of static data from more expensive primary storage systems to archives, organizations can also improve backup and recovery efficiencies by up to 90% as static data is eliminated from repeated full backup cycles.

“Business data volumes are growing exponentially as organizations of all sizes embrace new online tools to connect and communicate. As a result, vital business data has evolved beyond simple documents and now includes vast amounts of static unstructured data in web sites, blogs, online chat logs and call center recordings. It is imperative that companies have an effective data management strategy in place to protect themselves against unanticipated corporate, legal or regulatory challenges,” said Mark Fowlie, CEO of El Fresko Technologies. “With MagnaStor FS Archiver, it is simple and cost effective to implement a next-generation solution that protects all of a company’s digital information and ensures that it is always available, non-alterable, searchable, verifiable and recoverable.”

“MagnaStor FS Archiver represents a new opportunity for managed services providers like Digitally Accurate and we are excited to make the product available to our customers,” said Stephen Wagner, President of Digitally Accurate, a leading provider of managed services and IT solutions. “As business communications evolve and generate ever-increasing volumes of data, we see a very real need for improved information management both in terms of storage efficiencies and to reduce corporate, legal and compliance risk.

Archives and backups are complementary

Backups are essential for disaster recovery, but can consume significant IT resources to properly manage, especially when data is scattered across multiple workstations, servers, and distant networks. Industry surveys show that up to 90% of the data produced daily, and subsequently backed up, is rarely changed or accessed after being at rest for more than a few days. By automatically consolidating this static data to a MagnaStor archive, the efficiency of backups and recovery procedures for the remaining 10% of active production data, is greatly improved.

“Confusion still exists for many end-users when it comes to the different roles of backup and archive. An archive solution such as El Fresko’s MagnaStor FS Archiver can provide critical compliance with industry regulations, corporate governance, legal e-discovery, or ‘just’ long-term data retention and availability. Both backup and archive remain key components of an organizational data protection policy, but mistaking one for the other can prove costly,” said Dave Pearson, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Storage & Networking at IDC Canada

Some of the key benefits of MagnaStor FS Archiver include

  • WORM protection on magnetic media ensures all content is preserved and unalterable
  • Data is always online, fully searchable and cannot be delete
  • Real-time, secure and encrypted replication to the cloud eliminates risk of data loss while satisfying strict privacy regulations
  • MagnaStor Timeline records the details of every file update and allows all files or any individual file to be reviewed or recovered to its exact status at any point in time
  • Policy-driven data governance follows the data wherever it is located; even privileged users cannot disable or circumvent controls
  • Background health and integrity monitoring with automated self-healing procedure
  • Digitally signed audit history enables non-IT personnel and/or external auditors to verify the chain of custody of any file

Pricing and Availability

MagnaStor FS Archiver is available immediately. Additional information and pricing is available from El Fresko.

El Fresko Expands Partnership Opportunities

El Fresko is expanding its partnership program and intends to join forces with a select number of companies in all global regions. Organizations interested in becoming MagnaStor FS Archiver resellers are encouraged to contact El Fresko directly.

Providing trusted data archiving solutions for more than 20 years, El Fresko is an innovative provider of archiving, data protection and compliance solutions in a cloud environment. With MagnaStor FS Archiver, managed service providers can leverage existing cloud infrastructure to offer high-value, tiered storage that strongly complements existing data backup services. Benefits to end-user customers are wide ranging and include continuous data protection and preservation, an embedded compliance policy and a complete audit history of archival data.

Further Information

El Fresko media/analyst contacts
Phone: +1.416.489.0092
Email: media@primorisgroup.com

El Fresko sales, pricing and reseller inquiries
Phone: +1.403.265.5727
Email: sales@elfresko.com

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