Is a SAN out of your budget? Think again!

With many businesses entertaining the idea of said technologies such as virtualization and/or high availability clustering, often what holds them back is the cost of implementing a SAN.

A SAN for those of you who don’t know; is a “Storage Area Network”. The network and equipment contained in it provides “shared storage environment” often required for SQL 2008 clustering, virtualization (for features such as High Availability and Live Migrations), etc…

Lately, on my personal blog I’ve been going in to quite a bit of detail regarding emerging iSCSI target technologies and way to minimize the costs of implementing a SAN. While most of my focus has been on Lio-Target A revolutionary linux based iSCSI target, a new player has entered the field, the “Microsoft iSCSI Target Software” which as of now is free!

While I’ve done extensive testing with Lio-Target and found it to be fully functional, promising, and extremely stable (and as of recently is now a part of the mainline linux kernel), I’m interested in what Microsoft has to offer. For those of you who are looking at purchasing/building a SAN, this now offers a second choice.

This is great news that will help alot of companies re-evaluate their decision not to implement a SAN due to cost.

More Information on Microsoft iSCSI Target for free at:

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