What does your remote access solution do for you and your company?

One of the biggest mistakes I see these days are companies implementing horrible remote access solutions. Almost 90% of the time, the customer doesn’t have the proper infrastructure in place, and that’s why they are looking for 3rd party remote access technologies. Keep in mind, these 3rd party solutions often are a pain to maintain, keep up to date, keep secured, and even use.

Why not do things right in the first place? One of our spotlight solutions is Microsoft Windows Small Business Server. This solution powers your network, provides you with many technologies such as data, backup (disaster recovery), file sharing, e-mail, collaborative technologies, Sharepoint, the list goes on! One of the most awesome features in Microsoft Windows Small Business Server is the Remote Web Workplace (RWW).


Remote Web Workplace is a beautiful web interface that allows you, and your employ’s to access tons of information, e-mail, and even access your desktop computer at your office! All my client’s love and live by it, and it’s great to see such a simple yet powerful interface that utilizes technologies that are integrated and come with Microsoft Windows Small business server. It in itself is a great reason to upgrade to Microsoft Windows Small Business Server.


Let’s take a quick peek at the RWW remote access solution:

To login, from any computer that has internet access, simply open up Internet Explorer and point your browser to your companies web internet address:

Login screen

The Small Business Server RWW Login Screen











After you log in to the interface with the same credentials as you use to log in to your work computer, you are presented with these options:

The main Remote Web Workplace interface

The main Remote Web Workplace interface


You’ll notice that you can:

-Check E-mail

-Connect to a computer at the office

-Access your internal intranet website (Sharepoint)

-Perform tasks like change your password, access the server if your an admin, and configure Outlook Anywhere




Let’s say we need to send an e-mail to the boss with a Outlook contact we have that he needs, no problem. We select the “Check E-mail” option in RWW:

Exchange Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Exchange Outlook Web Access (OWA)


Notice that we have access to these features:

-E-mails (Including all folders: Sent, Junk, Deleted Items, etc…)

-Calendar (Yes, you have access to your Outlook Calendar at the office through this interface)

-Contacts (Yes, you have access to your Outlook Contacts at the office)

-Tasks (Yup, don’t need to say it!)

-Documents and Public Folders (Even share files)



So we opened the contact, and e-mailed it off to boss. That was easy!


Now, let’s say your home at sick, the boss calls and needs a report from Quickbooks or Simply Accounting, again no problem! Just connect to your computer at the office using the “Connect to a Computer” function inside of RWW:

Connect to a Computer - Remote Web Workplace (RWW)

Connect to a Computer – Remote Web Workplace (RWW)


Once you connect to your computer, you control it remotely through a fast and efficient interface. You can open any program, application, and even print to the printers at the office.


Now for that report! Connect to your computer, open your accounting application, generate the report. Either send it off through Outlook, or print directly to the printer on your bosses office! Your done!





As you can see it’s a very simple and efficient interface!

Interested in getting your own? Contact Digitally Accurate today to implement your own Remote Web Workplace with Microsoft Windows Small Business Server


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