RDP Vulnerability – Update your Microsoft Windows Servers ASAP

Microsoft is urging companies to install a Microsoft Security Update.

MS Security Bulletin MS12-020 is marked as critical and patches a security vulnerability in the Remote Desktop Service. Remote Desktop Services (RDP) is used by both users and IT admins.

IT admins use RDP to connect remotely to a Windows Server. Users (you) use RDP to remotely connect to your work computer.

We recommend to install this as soon as possible. A Proof of concept hack was already released, and it is expected that this vulnerability will widely be utilized by hackers and bots immediately since there is such a wide range of businesses that use RDP, and do not actively keep their system up to date with security updates.


You can install this patch by running Microsoft (and/or Windows) update on your workstation and server, or by visiting the MS bulletin linked above in this article.


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