Virus that only infects your RAM, uses no files, and is very hard to detect! Infects via Java Vulnerability!

We are writing you today to just re-iterate the importance of keeping your systems up to date. And when we refer to up to date, we mean all Microsoft Updates, 3rd party updates, Java Updates, Adobe updates, etc…

Today we became aware of a new virus that ONLY infects your computers memory, using absolutely NO files on your hard drive. Since the virus only infects the RAM and uses no files, it’s very hard (maybe impossible for some anti-virus scanners) to detect and remove the virus. This virus is being distributed via an Ad network, that when viewing legitimate websites that carry an Advertisement containing the malicious code, infects your computer.

Good news is, when you restart your computer, you are no longer infected. Bad news is, since you won’t be aware of where you got it, or even the fact you got infected, you are very likely to get re-infected by visiting the same, or similar sites.

The virus infects your computer by presenting code in an advertisement which contains Java. If your Java is not up to date, this code will exploit a vulnerability in older versions, resulting in infection.

This is why it’s always important to keep your software up to date, it doesn’t hurt to have a firewall (like the Sophos – Astaro Security Gateway) which can also intercept virus’ and malicious code before it causes an infection.


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