Partnerships & Vendors

By partnering with the industry leading software and hardware manufacturers, it provides us the tools and resources to offer your business nothing but the best in IT Services and Solutions. Please see below for partnerships held with Digitally Accurate Inc. (D.A. Consulting).

Sophos Partner Logo

Sophos Partner

Sophos specializes in Internet security technologies.

10ZiG Partner Logo

10ZiG Partner

10ZiG Technology provides cutting-edge Thin Client and Zero Client endpoint devices for the latest virtual desktop solutions.

DOSarrest Logo

DOSarrest Internet Security Partner

DOSarrest Internet Security is a leader in DOS prevention and mitigation technologies, as well as numerous other security testing and vulnerability assessment technologies and solutions.

HPe Partner Logo

HPe Business Partner

HPe is a leading technology and hardware manufacturer for businesses, specializing in servers, storage, networking, and many other solutions.

HP Logo

HP Business Partner

HP is a leading technology and hardware manufacturer for businesses and consumers, specializing in desktops, workstations, and laptops.

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Registered Partner

Symantec Logo

Symantec Registered Partner

VMWare Logo

VMWare Solutions Provider

VMWare specializes in Virtualization software.

RisingTide Systems Logo

RisingTide Systems – Partner

RisingTide Systems is the leader in development of opensource commercial grade iSCSI storage solutions and services. Numerous products featuring their software currently hold the “VMWare Certified” stamp for compatibility with VMWare vSphere 4.

El Fresko Logo

El Fresko Technologies – Partner

El Fresko provides proven, scalable and cost-effective long-term data storage and compliance archiving solutions to protect businesses and preserve their critical data.  MagnaStor., the company’s patent-pending software solution, offers continuous data protection for long-term file storage while leveraging the high performance of magnetic disk.

Axis Logo

Axis Authorized Partner

Axis is the manufacturer of numerous IP Camera and security technologies.