VoIP Phones/PBX

Digitally Accurate Inc. has been providing VoIP hardware, software, licensing, and phones since 2006. We can assist configure, design, sell, implement, and support VoIP solutions for your business.

Through a network of many different vendors, such as Digium, Sangoma, Polycom, Yealink, and more. This allows us to provide your business with the right telephony hardware it needs.

We also provide hardware, software, and services for numerous different cloud VoIP offerings as well. This includes Microsoft Office 365/Microsoft Teams with Calling plans.

Please see below for an example of the product we carry, however not limited to.

Sangoma Offerings Include:

  • Sangoma PBXact
  • Sangoma Telephony Cards
  • Sangoma IP Phones

Polycom Offerings Include:

  • Polycom IP Phones
  • Yealink IP Phones
  • Yealink Skype for Business (Microsoft Teams) IP Phones

Contact Digitally Accurate Inc. today for all your VoIP and telephony needs! We can provide stock availability, solution design, implementation/migration, services, and anything else you may require.