10ZiG is a leader in producing thin clients and zero clients for virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI)! Digitally Accurate Inc. has been a trusted 10ZiG partner (in Calgary and Vancouver) since 2016.

Digitally Accurate Inc. can help you choose which 10ZiG thin/zero client is right for you. We can provide sizing, pricing, and sales for 10ZiG product. We can also provide consulting services and assistance with your 10ZiG product, including the 10ZiG Manager which is free (and always will be).

10ZiG Thin Client Offerings Include:

  • 10ZiG 4400 Series (Value Class)
  • 10ZiG 4500 Series (4K Value and Security Class)
  • 10ZiG 5800q Series (Performance Class)
  • 10ZiG 5900q Series (Performance Class, 4K Resolution, Triple Display)
  • 10ZiG 7800q Series (Peripherals Power Class)

10ZiG Zero Client Offerings Include:

  • 10ZiG 4448 Series Zero Client (Value Class)
  • 10ZiG 4548 Series Zero Client (4K Value and Security Class)
  • 10ZiG 5848q Series Zero Client (Performance Class)
  • 10ZiG 5948q Series Zero Client (4K Triple Display Power Class)
  • 10ZiG V1200 Series Zero Client (Tera2 PCoIP Portal Processor)

10ZiG Manager Offering Includes:

  • 10ZiG Manager (Free for use with 10ZiG Zero Clients)

10ZiG PC Repurposing Offering Includes:

  • 10ZiG PC Repurposing Software (Repurpose PCs, Laptops, and Computers in to VDI Zero Clients)

With our 10ZiG partnership, we can arrange a free 10ZiG 30-day demo and evaluation unit to be sent to you if you are considering 10ZiG product. Please contact us for more information!

Contact Digitally Accurate Inc. today for all your 10ZiG needs in Calgary, Vancouver, and area! We can provide stock availability, pricing, licensing, solution design, and anything else you may require.