About Us

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Digitally Accurate Inc. was founded in July 2006 as a full-service IT Services, IT Solutions, and IT Support company in Calgary, Alberta.

We’ve come to specialize in numerous industries such a home building, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, and many more that have 24x7x365 mission critical IT requirements. After growing further, we expanded to provide IT Services, IT Solutions, and IT Support in Vancouver, British Columbia (and surrounding areas).

In 2015 we started to provide specialized consulting services internationally with technologies like virtualization, VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), and specialized storage deployments. In 2017 we started to experience significant customer growth in the United States of America.

We have also partnered with industry leading companies such as HPE, Microsoft, VMware, Sophos, 10ZiG, DUO Security, and many others to provide best in class solutions for our customers.

By trusting Digitally Accurate Inc. with your business’ IT Infrastructure, you will not only be creating a relationship with a company who values your business and the services they provide you, but in turn you’ll be investing in your own business and future.

We take pride and value our partnerships with our customers.

Our Process

D.A. Designs

D.A analyzes your current IT and business requirements to design the most cost-effective, functional solution for your business that includes software and hardware products from leading vendors. We take into account your short term goals, long term goals, interoperability, and available technologies to make sure you get the most from the capital you spend on your IT Infrastructure.

D.A. Implements

After purchasing a solution through D.A. (or choosing another solution from a 3rd party), D.A. will implement this solution and integrate it in to your existing environment. With our qualified staff and exceptional history in the IT Solutions market, we understand that there is more than just completing a simple implementation; the solution has to integrate in to your business process, work with your company, and provide a return.

D.A. Supports

D.A. provides full support for all of our solutions and can even support your existing IT infrastructure, as well as solutions that you may have purchased from another company. We are also available to provide support to end-users and your employees through our dedicated desk-side support staff which are on call 24x7x365 days a year. Feel confident having a team of IT specialists ready to provide support when needed in a friendly and professional manner.

D.A. Manages

D.A. can continue to monitor, manage, and pro-actively maintain your environment. We can monitor every aspect of your IT environment, install software updates and security patches, and take other important pro-active maintenance steps to make sure your environment is always operating at its full potential. This step is key to ensuring high up time and reducing support calls.

If you have a large business with complicated and sophisticated IT requirements we provide management services for general IT Management, project management, implementations, hardware/software procurement, and support. This results in offloading all of your IT stress away from your business and any time/money spent on maintaining IT staff and/or training. If you have a small business, we provide everything in a simple to understand process that is care-free and fully explained.