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Manage your Astaro Devices with Astaro Command Center

One of the biggest problems that network administrators face in a large enterprise situation is management and monitoring of key network devices. A lot of large companies have devices and/or systems in place to provide content filtering, anti-virus and malware

Protect your corporate network, servers, and workstations from threats with the Astaro Security Gateway!

One of the biggest challenges of a company these days is the task of securing their internal infrastructure. On a daily basis users are receiving e-mails, surfing the internet, downloading files, and these are all very serious security threats. Add

One of our Implementations – A sample of the work we do!

Just wanted to upload a few pictures from a specific solution… This was an amazing project from start to finish. Not only had the customer maintained their systems properly and had sufficient hardware in the past, but when it came

Just a Reminder. Check out our site!

If you’re interested in any the Solutions, Services, or Products that we discuss on this blog, please feel free to check out our company’s (Digitally Accurate Inc.) site at Thanks!

Internet Connectivity Issue with Astaro – May 07 2010

I’m not to sure if this is an official problem however I noticed it thismorning on 4 different Astaro Security Gateways. I think an update was issued last night for the Intrusion Protection System that causes the box to be

Astaro Internet Security Gateway: Failed to get scanner instance.

Before you guys start messing with settings to fix this: As of today (November 30th, 2009) around 3:00PM MST, there is a known issue going on with the Astaro Security Gateway appliances. When users surfing the internet with Anti-Virus enabled,

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