About Us

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Digitally Accurate Inc. (o/a D.A. Consulting) has been in operation since July of 2006, and is a leader in providing Business IT Support, Managed Services, and IT Solutions. We are a young dynamic company, staying on the cutting edge of the newest products and technologies. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the highest of quality in the solutions, and services we provide. By trusting Digitally Accurate with your businesses IT Infrastructure, you will not only be creating a relationship with a company who values your business and the services they provide you, but also be investing in your own business and future.

Our Process

D.A. Designs

D.A. Consulting analyzes your current IT and business requirements to design the most cost-effective, functional, quality solutions and services that fit your business and budget. We take into account your short term goals, long term goals, interoperability, and available technologies to make sure you get the most from the capital you spend on your IT Infrastructure.

D.A. Implements

After purchasing a solution through D.A. Consulting, or choosing another solution from a 3rd party, D.A. Consulting can implement this solution and integrate it in to your existing environment. With our qualified staff and exceptional history in the IT Solutions market, we understand that there is more than just completing a simple implementation; the solution has to integrate in to your business process and provide a return on the capital spent.

D.A. Supports

D.A. Consulting offers full support for all solutions we develop and implement and can even support your existing IT infrastructure and solutions provided by 3rd parties. We are also available to provide support to end-users and your employees through our dedicated desk-side support staff which are on call 24×7, 365 days a year. Feel confident having a team of IT specialists ready to provide support when needed in a friendly and professional manner.

D.A. Manages

If you have a large business with complicated and sophisticated IT requirements we can provide management services for general IT Management, project management, implementations, hardware/software procurement, and support. This results in all-around offloading of IT stress on your business and any time/money spent on maintaining IT staff and/or training. If you have a small business, we provide everything in a simple to understand process that is care-free and fully explained.