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Client Configuration Example

In an effort to better explain Digitally Accurate’s capabilities and demo some of the solutions we implement, support, and manage we’ve decided to start putting some of our client configurations online! This specific configuration we put together for an Oil

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The importance of keeping up-to-date IT Documentation (as well as Disaster Recovery plan/policies)

When going in to a new potential customer one of the biggest problems we always run in to, is that the customer has absolutely no documentation for their IT environment, no disaster recovery plan or policy, and no documents explaining

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Virus that only infects your RAM, uses no files, and is very hard to detect! Infects via Java Vulnerability!

We are writing you today to just re-iterate the importance of keeping your systems up to date. And when we refer to up to date, we mean all Microsoft Updates, 3rd party updates, Java Updates, Adobe updates, etc… Today we

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RDP Vulnerability – Update your Microsoft Windows Servers ASAP

Microsoft is urging companies to install a Microsoft Security Update. MS Security Bulletin MS12-020 is marked as critical and patches a security vulnerability in the Remote Desktop Service. Remote Desktop Services (RDP) is used by both users and IT admins.

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How do you want your network to run?

There’s a few different ways you can support and maintain your computer network at work. Often, poor decisions are made in efforts to cut costs. Some companies focus on the break-fix method. Often no “Solution” is implemented, and their network

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Why is it important to keep my computer systems up to date?

One of the biggest arguments amongst IT professionals and the companies they serve is keeping their systems up to date. Two specific hot topics are: Software Upgrades Hardware Upgrades I’ll be separating this blog entry in to two separate parts

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Manage your Astaro Devices with Astaro Command Center

One of the biggest problems that network administrators face in a large enterprise situation is management and monitoring of key network devices. A lot of large companies have devices and/or systems in place to provide content filtering, anti-virus and malware

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Protect your corporate network, servers, and workstations from threats with the Astaro Security Gateway!

One of the biggest challenges of a company these days is the task of securing their internal infrastructure. On a daily basis users are receiving e-mails, surfing the internet, downloading files, and these are all very serious security threats. Add

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Finally updated our site with our “Managed Services” offerings!

Please be sure to check out our Managed Services offerings on our website! Tweet

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One of our Implementations – A sample of the work we do!

Just wanted to upload a few pictures from a specific solution… This was an amazing project from start to finish. Not only had the customer maintained their systems properly and had sufficient hardware in the past, but when it came

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