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Client Configuration Example

In an effort to better explain Digitally Accurate’s capabilities and demo some of the solutions we implement, support, and manage we’ve decided to start putting some of our client configurations online! This specific configuration we put together for an Oil

Finally updated our site with our “Managed Services” offerings!

Please be sure to check out our Managed Services offerings on our website!

One of our Implementations – A sample of the work we do!

Just wanted to upload a few pictures from a specific solution… This was an amazing project from start to finish. Not only had the customer maintained their systems properly and had sufficient hardware in the past, but when it came

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HP iPaq hw6955 Review (Originally Dated October, 2006)

For some time I have had a review on the HP iPaq hw6955 on one of my personal sites for some time. This review (even though it is extremely old) still generates quite a large number of traffic. In order

HP Virtualization Bundles – VMware

It’s nice that virtualization is catching on more and more these days. I remember back a few years ago where the words “virtualization” would make potential customers IT Managers cringe or make weird sounds on the phone then force a

Few cool video clips on HP and the Microsoft Essential Server platforms

Windows Small Business Server and HP Hardware Windows Essential Business Server and HP Hardware

How easy is it to start virtualizing with VMware ESXi?

I have a lot of friends in the industry who always ask me “How easy is it to get started with virtualization?” Well the answer is, it’s pretty darn simple. A lot of people get confused with the different products

Why does my business need a server?

Numerous small businesses around the globe have issues with their IT systems that often go ignored. This is often because they are unaware of the small business products that are available, or they are just unaware of the disorganization and