Author: Stephen Wagner

Occupation: President of Digitally Accurate Inc.
Bio: 13 Year IT Service and Solution Provider, Managed Services Provider, Tech Blogger, Entrepreneur

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LTO Tape Library

As ransomware attacks persist and increase, and as more and more companies who weren’t prepared pay the ransom, it’s important to make sure you’re ready! One of the biggest mistakes is not having an offline and separated backup from your …

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Managed IT Server Rack

Did you know that you can reduce your downtime and amount of IT issues your organization experiences simply by choosing a 24/7 Fully Managed IT Services Provider? It’s true! Most big IT issues are caused by smaller issues that have …

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Remote Branch Office

We’ve helped numerous businesses and organizations with their remote office and branch office IT deployments over the years. For organizations, Remote Office and Branch office (ROBO) deployments add a certain level of complexity to IT operations. ROBO deployments change the …

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IT Services paid with Credit Card for Points

Did you know that you can earn credit card points on IT Services, IT Consulting, and Managed IT Services? With Digitally Accurate you can pay your IT invoices with your favorite rewards credit card to earn points! It’s true! Depending …

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Microsoft Windows Logo

On January 14th 2020, Microsoft will be officially ending extended support for Microsoft Windows 7. All your computers should now be running Windows 10 by this point. What this means When a product is in a supported state, specifically Microsoft …

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Business Desktop Computers

In the ever-evolving world of IT and End User Computing (EUC), new technologies and solutions are constantly being developed to decrease costs, improve functionality, and help the business’ bottom line. In this pursuit, as far as end user computing goes, …

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HPe Welcomes Digitally Accurate Inc. Canadian Center of Excellence

Recently we had the pleasure of visiting the HPe (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) headquarters in Toronto Ontario. During this visit we had a chance to talk tech, visit the Canadian Center of Excellence (CCoE), and discuss some of the product road maps …

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MFA/2FA with Duo

When you’re looking for additional or enhanced options to secure you’re business and enterprise IT systems, MFA/2FA can help you achieve this. Get away from the traditional single password, and implement additional means of authentication! MFA provides a great compliment …

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Today we want to share with you an Eaton UPS and EBM (Extended Battery Module) we recently setup for one of our customers. This provides all their server infrastructure 3 hours of run time in a blackout! Additional EBM’s can …

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This weekend, one of our customers had an aging Sophos UTM 220 which was reaching it’s end of life (EOF). The upgrade path for the Sophos UTM220 is the new Sophos UTM SG 230. Here’s a few pictures of the …

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