VDI Use Case Scenario – Machine Shops

VDI Use Case Scenario – Machine Shop

In today’s use case scenario, a machine shop has a requirement for many workstations with high-end compute and GPU requirements. Instead of spending a fortune on many high-end workstations and having those resources sit idle and wasted when not being used, the company could implement desktop virtualization (VDI) with VMware Horizon View on HPE proliant servers with accelerated graphics using AMD MxGPUs. Then simply roll out 10ZiG Technology zero clients!

The result? A small fortune saved! In an environment with 20+ workstations, the company could realize up to 50% in cost savings on hardware.


  • Enhanced disaster recovery options (backup is done on the VDI virtualization server, new backup capabilities are realized)
  • Higher up time (servers have redundant systems, end user zero clients are easily swappable if failure occurs)
  • Reduce hardware management costs (zero clients require almost no management and have a very small support requirement footprints)
  • Reduce software management costs (easier to manage virtual desktops, less time spent resolving issues)
  • Reduce IT support requirements (everything is centrally managed, easy to manage, and less problems occur)
  • Resource over-allocation (No more idle CPUs or  GPUs. Allocate what’s needed from a shared pool of resources)

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