Month: October 2009

Configure Windows Mobile Push Technology on SBS 2008

I’ve noticed a lot of traffic coming in on the blog from people searching for and wanting to setup Windows Mobile push technology on their SBS 2008 servers. I thought I would whip up a quick document outlining the required

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Linux vs. the Real World (Small Business Edition)

Time and time again when dealing with new clients or existing clients I always get confronted with this question. Why don’t we use Linux? Truth is Linux is great, it’s fantastic, and it makes every IT guys life just that

Why choose Microsoft Small Business Server 2008?

Microsoft developed a product called “Microsoft Small Business Server 2008”. This software product is designed to run on one (or two servers if required) to provide your network with valuable features and needed services. In fact, it includes numerous software

How easy is it to start virtualizing with VMware ESXi?

I have a lot of friends in the industry who always ask me “How easy is it to get started with virtualization?” Well the answer is, it’s pretty darn simple. A lot of people get confused with the different products

Should I upgrade to Windows 7?

Lately a lot of my clients have been asking me if it is worthwhile to look at either upgrading to Windows 7 when it is available, or if they should purchase computers or option kits that permit a free upgrade