Repurpose old PCs as Thin Clients with 10ZiG RepurpOS

Have some old or not-so-old PCs you want to use as Thin Clients? Are Zero Clients or Thin Clients out of the budget? 10ZiG RepurpOS is the answer for you!

Using 10ZiG RepurpOS, you can transform PC computers or laptops in to fully functional Thin Clients. You can also use the free 10ZiG Manager software to centrally manage, maintain, and support your 10ZiG RepurpOS devices!

Check out a video demonstration that our President Stephen Wagner created on the 10ZiG RepurpOS software.

10ZiG RepurpOS Video

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Occupation: President of Digitally Accurate Inc.
Bio: 13 Year IT Service and Solution Provider, Managed Services Provider, Tech Blogger, Entrepreneur

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