Author: Stephen Wagner
Stephen Wagner
Calgary, Alberta (Canada)
President of Digitally Accurate Inc. (also operating as D.A. Consulting)

We’ve partnered with 10ZiG to provide cutting-edge Thin Client and Zero Client endpoint devices for the latest virtual desktop solutions.

Today we’re happy to announce our new partnership with 10ZiG. 10ZiG Technology provides cutting-edge Thin Client and Zero Client endpoint devices for the latest virtual desktop solutions. We have exciting plans which include providing VMware Horizon View solutions and utilizing 10ZiG

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Here’s to 11 years in business!

Today, we celebrate our 11th year in business anniversary! We would like to say thank you to both our clients and vendors. Without these relationships and valued business partners, none of this would be possible! For 11 years we have

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We’ve expanded to Vancouver, BC and the Lower Mainland!

Today, 10 days away from our 11th year in business anniversary, we’re happy to announce that we have officially opened our doors in Vancouver, BC and the Lower Mainland area. For 11 years we have been providing IT Solutions and

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Today is our 10th year anniversary!

Today we are happy to announce we’ve officially been in business for 10 years! It was exactly 10 years ago today that we were incorporated (July 27th, 2006). It has been 10 years that have passed by very quickly that

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Ready to Virtualize? Here’s some important considerations…

When a business makes the decision to virtualize, a whole new world opens up. Virtualization increases the capabilities of performance, disaster recovery, uptime, management of servers, management of infrastructure, the list goes on. However, you need to make sure you

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Client Configuration Example

In an effort to better explain Digitally Accurate’s capabilities and demo some of the solutions we implement, support, and manage we’ve decided to start putting some of our client configurations online! This specific configuration we put together for an Oil

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Company website has been updated!

As of today, we have rolled out a new website on or corporate site. Any feedback is appreciated! Go to to check out the new layout and let us know what you think! Tweet

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Digitally Accurate Inc. hits 6 years in business!

Digitally Accurate Inc. turns 6 years old today! Thanks goes out to our awesome clients and vendors who made this possible! Go to for information! Tweet

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The importance of keeping up-to-date IT Documentation (as well as Disaster Recovery plan/policies)

When going in to a new potential customer one of the biggest problems we always run in to, is that the customer has absolutely no documentation for their IT environment, no disaster recovery plan or policy, and no documents explaining

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Virus that only infects your RAM, uses no files, and is very hard to detect! Infects via Java Vulnerability!

We are writing you today to just re-iterate the importance of keeping your systems up to date. And when we refer to up to date, we mean all Microsoft Updates, 3rd party updates, Java Updates, Adobe updates, etc… Today we

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